About my life

My life can be divided in three important parts, depending on where I’ve lived. The first one is in Naples, where I was born on november 6th, 1974.

Naples is an incredible place where to grow up, so full of contradictions and problems. yet the deep beauty of its landscapes, the so friendly character of of its people, its noble and ancient history make this town so special and unforgettable for who lived in it of knew it for a longer period than a summer travel. Naples gives a particular way of looking at the life that is probably unique in the world and certainly in Italy. When you are there, you can hear a lot of people, damning the city and its people, often yelling each other. but when you leaves Naples, your thoughts always bring you back to your birth city.

I’ve lived in Naples until 2003 when I moved to Milan for my work. So different but so full of new ideas and projects, this city is probably the real centre of Italy: everything new will be in Milan. Living there gives you the feeling of being in the centre of the world, at least about Italy.

I stayed there up to 2009 when I decided to have my definitive (maybe) place in Rome, wonderful but huge, ancient but sometimes simply old (not always in a positive way). Living in Rome is difficult but it’s impossible to deny that its atmospheres are magical.

This the fundamental places of my heart and life. I should add some other places, so precious to me to be as a second Home: I do love a little place in central Italy’s mountains, located in Abruzzo and called Rivisondoli. I’ve spent a part of every summer of one since I was a kid and today, when I need a feeling of peace and silence, I use to think about my little home on those mountains. Another place I’ve loved and still love is Stromboli, a little volcanic island in the Eolie, some little and nice islands near Sicily. Stroboli maybe is the smallest one but still wild, no light in the tiny streets, just the moon to walk by night. It’a magical place that stays in you souls for years.

This blog is the place where I like to tell and show by my photos my places. I love photography and my camera is the loyal companion of my travels, with the tolerant acceptance of my girlfriend, get used to share me with my photo addiction.

I hope you could my shots and my places.


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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