A Saturday morning among colors: visiting the Campo dei Fiori market

After a long time I didn’t post anything, I’d like to share this pictures I took on last saturday. After several months without picking my camera and going around, it’s not simple to start over again. So I needed a place crowded, somewhere easy to shoot and hide. And I chose one of the most suggestive places in Rome: Campo dei Fiori, a little square where the severe statue of Giordano Bruno is in the middle of the space, with an odd contradiction between the solemn memory of this intellectual’s death (as you know, given by the Church for suspicion of heresy) and the popular show happening at his feet on every saturday.

Campo dei Fiori-043I’ve always loved markets, especially those ones where you can find fruit, vegetables, spices. I like them because every sense is stimulated by colors, smells, voices (normally shouting for calling potential buyers). A lot of things to touch, kindly, but every one knows how serious is the matter of touching in an italian market. And of course, another wonderful habit can be to stop and eat something in the place, maybe sitting on a step and tasting a fresh pomegranate juice, squeezed at the moment in front of you.

Campo dei Fiori-005

More than ever, a market is a place where to observe. Watching people walking lazy or determined from a stand to another stand is a precious source of nice possible shots for a photographer. And it is even easier to catch interesting expressions and situations from a very close point of view because of the obvious distraction of persons while they’re having an intensive grocery shopping.

Campo dei Fiori-035So an interesting chapter of this tour should be dedicated to people. Faces, expressions, hands. Some having shopping, some other working for selling artichokes ready for cooking. and people meeting each other and having long but improvised chats.

Campo dei Fiori-025

Campo dei Fiori-045

Campo dei Fiori-042

Campo dei Fiori-010

But the absolute protagonists are fruits and vegetables with their lovely colors. In this period of the year, best of all are pumpkins and artichokes (very famous in Rome especially and cooked in some delicious ways).

Campo dei Fiori-036

Campo dei Fiori-020

Campo dei Fiori-011

Campo dei Fiori-019

Campo dei Fiori-015

Campo dei Fiori-008

Campo dei Fiori-034

And at the end, there is a constant presence in a fruit market of the south italy: the Ape Car, a three-wheels-truck I remember since I was a kid.

Campo dei Fiori-046

My saturday morning was definitely a wonderful to come back to my camera. I liked so much the these shots… and I hope also you enjoyed them!

But in any case thank you for your visit!



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  1. I am unfamiliar with this market – great post!

  2. simona sacri 02/03/2014 — 11:11

    What a beautiful view on the campo dei fiori market!!!

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