Little treasures of the central Italy: the “Castello Piccolomini” in Capestrano.

Capestrano (1 di 16)

The visit of an ancient castle has always excited me a lot. And if the castle is in ruin, rather than rebuilt or well kept, this feeling is even stronger. Memories – not lived but just imaginated when children – seem to linger among those old stone walls and it is easier to close the eyes and hear the whinny of horses, the screams of enemies approaching, the noise of arrows shot from archers on the walls.

With this spirit, during this summer I decided to discover some new places in my loved Abruzzo. I was so lucky to have a stunning summer day with a wonderful sky and the precious clouds useful to make it more interesting. So I went to Capestrano, a little town with just 876 people living there permanently. This place is famous for its gorgeous castle taking its name  – Piccolomini – from one of the noble and historical families that have governed in the past centuries.

I was almost alone and this made my experience even more intense and charming. A big medieval tower overlooks the whole castle and the first thing you see when you pass through the main entrance is a well.

entering the castle
entering the castle
the well under the tower
the well under the tower
the well
the well

Once inside, another entrance leads to a courtyard by a sort of little stone bridge. Arrived there, the isolation from outside is almost complete and the atmosphere becomes magic.

Capestrano (12 di 16)
the second entrance
Capestrano (5 di 16)
another point of view for the tower
Capestrano (4 di 16)
the central courtyard
Capestrano (6 di 16)
the central courtyard
Capestrano (13 di 16)
the little stone bridge leading to the courtyard
Capestrano (14 di 16)
the stone bridge under the tower

The last thing to see but probably the most exciting is to walk on the walls, have a look at the great landscape and at the castle. From up there the view is breath taking.

Towards the wall
Towards the walls
Capestrano (11 di 16)
the wonderful Piccolomini Castle from the walls
Capestrano (9 di 16)
From the walls to the infinity
From the walls
From the walls

Abruzzo is full of these little pearls that need to be discovered and defensed. Not far from Capestrano there is another amazing spot, the Rocca Calascio Castle, where a lot of scenes of some famous movies  have been filmed, or there’s the Celano castle that deserves a stop and visit.

I hope you enjoy this little and fast tour in this authentic treasury for castle addicts.

Thank you for your visit!


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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