Frittata di maccheroni: one year later

One year has gone since I published a post in this blog about the Frittata di maccheroni, this traditional recipe that people from Naples are so familiar with. I’m not going to repeat a description of this dish ma I cannot avoid of show some other shots taken again this year while I am spending my usual ten days off with my mother in the house by the sea we always rent in July. Maybe because it’s a ritual or a sort a remembrance of youth, I can’t help but feeling such a sensation of being at home. Golden, crispy, fragrant, scented. And basically unforgettable! In my experience, it’s not so frequent that memories and food can mix in such intensive way. I know, maybe I’m overreacting…but I can say that is a pretty common reaction among my friends and relatives or…definitely every person I know that has tasted this delightful dish! Long life to the Frittata di Maccheroni!










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  1. Mmm you’re making me hungry!

    • Ehehe, you’re definitely right! It’s impossible to put your eyes on a frittata di maccheroni and not to feel a strong protest from your stomach, saying: ehi man, watching is enough, now give me a piece! 😀

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