Welcome Spring and old habits

Who hasn’t been in Rome at the start of spring can’t probably understand how lovely the morning light can be in the eternal city. I jumped on my bike this morning, my photo bag on my back and the desperate desire of sun and shots. As usual, I took a ride across my favourite park in Rome, the Caffarella Park, stopping a few minutes in each my favourite spot for taking a picture of this amazing season that has absolutely nothing to envy summer. Bright colors, green spaces constellated with yellow flowers, smells in the light wind. I adore spring!

My day started here on a hill making me think to be in Tuscany

Caffarella 2013 (1 di 16)

But I immediately had a classic of this park: sheep wandering lazy with their shepherd

Caffarella 2013 (2 di 16)

Caffarella 2013 (3 di 16)

Caffarella 2013 (4 di 16)

Caffarella 2013 (5 di 16)Actually meeting herds of sheep in the Caffarella Park is very frequent for bikers…and for me these situations are a perfect occasion for stopping and pulling out my camera before keeping my round.

Caffarella 2013 (9 di 16)

Caffarella 2013 (10 di 16)

Another stop on the top of one of tho hills in the park, near the old cistern. I put my bike aside for an instant for enjoying this incredible sky.

Caffarella 2013 (6 di 16)

And I realize that I’m not the only victim of a photo madness attack…

Caffarella 2013 (8 di 16)

And this is another spot in ruin but always charming…the Ninfeo of Egeria, an ancient monument in memory of the Almone, the pagan god giving the name to the river flowing in the park.

Caffarella 2013 (12 di 16)

Time to come back home…but there is still time for a few other shoots of the sky and the clouds that make so nice games on the yellow spots in the fields

Caffarella 2013 (13 di 16)

Passing near the tomb of Annia Regilla and and old mill that is behind the tomb

Caffarella 2013 (14 di 16)

Where are some lovable areas where to spend time, having a sunny lunch and taking a nap

Caffarella 2013 (15 di 16)

And now…it’s really time to run home!

Caffarella 2013 (16 di 16)

Thanks for your visit, I hope you enjoyed my photos!


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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