A promise is a promise!

During my last summer, I had a nice journey across Puglia, one of the most southern regions of Italy. And it was a trip full of nice surprises, including the food. We tasted some delicious dishes but we missed one of the most famous and typical: orecchiette with cime di rapa. The orecchiette is a kind of pasta shaped as many little spoons or shells. The cime di rapa are a sort of vegetables, first boiled and after cooked with olive oil and hot pepper.

Aware about this unforgivable fault (discovering local food is an essential part of the travel for us), when we were coming back home, my girl and I bought this kind of pasta with the solemn promise made each other to arrange a lunch based on this well known recipe. Well, we haven’t done as soon as we meant but today has been That day.

As you can surely agree, the result has been impressive even just for the eyes…but I can assure the images are much less effective than a smoking taste!

After lunch, I had been working  on these few shots when my girl arrived in the room, looked at the screen and said with a sigh: “Oh! it’s impossible but watching these pictures makes me hungry again in a moment!”…and I cannot say she’s wrong.

Well, what can I say? I hope my shots could be…ehm…inspiring and I’m not referring just to photography! Have a nice dinner!



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  1. Ben Gaiarin 17/11/2012 — 23:10

    How ironic I just had this last night! Great photos! My favorite restaurant in Torino, Italy puts a touch of salted anchovy in this masterpiece. I recommend trying it.

    • Ben, thanks for your comment and advice! Actually I had read that the original recipe involves the anchovy as well…but I’m not so comfortable with that! 🙂 or, at least, in a dish made by myself! I’m glad you enjoyed photos too. Thanks again!

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