Funny faces of an exasperated dog

Last summer I spent more time with my lovely Ringo, the sweet foundling dog living with my mother in Naples. Normally, I see both of them once a month and every time for not more than two days. And I hadn’t found yet the right occasion to practice my 35mm lens. So it seemed perfect to me to take my camera, pet my dog and make him the perfect victim of my photographic experiments.

Even though my dog is a mongrel, he has an incredible capacity to attract other people. His expression is so sweet and communicative, so people don’t resist, often stop me and start caressing him. But I already knew this. Instead, I didn’t know the lot of funny and hilarious faces is is able to do, especially when he wants to be left alone or is falling asleep. Even now, watching the shots taken this summer makes me laugh…some pictures seem literally say: “Oh please, are you kidding me? are you still there with that damned camera? let me sleep…alone!!”

Every time I go back to Naples, I realize what precious gift has been to grow up with a dog. The way they have to get your life full of love and all the other human feelings is so hard to describe to whom has never experimented it.

These are the funny faces of my bad boy. I hope so much they could inspire a smile as it normally happens to me.


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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