The beauty of an apricot and other little surprises of the backyard garden

If my sunday has been the day of my first ghost town, I spent the saturday at my girlfriend’s home in Benevento where thers a cute and well managed garden in the backyard. There are different kind of fruit trees (just one for every kind, the area is pretty tiny) and on of those is


a kind of tree I’ve never seen before  (another first time!)

it was gorgeous so full of these golden and adorable fruits.

And delicious indeed.

This color – going from the orange up to red – makes me to think about life and energy and richness. Healthy feelings, I guess.

There is a nice word we use in Naples for describing an apricot: a “cresommola” that comes from the ancient greek language and means exactly “golden fruit”.

But, as I said, it wasn’t only about apricots…

Thank you for your time spent watching my photo!


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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