My first ghost town

Last sunday I had an amazing adventure:

my first photographic experience in a ghost town.

It’s about Apice, an old little town (actually, a village…) in Campania, near the city of Benevento. The town was abandoned in the 1962 after an earthquake and the people moved to another area where now the new town is sited.

It’s forbidden to get through the village because of dangers of coming down but everyone actually can go over the gates and take the chance of adventure among narrow streets, full of grass and old pieces of furniture (authentic vintage indeed!) dispersed in front of widened doors…

it looks like everyone was run away suddenly…creating a pretty anxious atmosphere, even on a sunny day…

you are alone, surrounded by memories and imagination go how life could be in the 60s in this tiny village…

Yes, the colors were brilliant, giving a suggestion of life, like something was still living in those streets…

and this made a strong contradiction with the silence that dominates that place…

the old shop signs are touching and recall words said by my grandmother…

I loved my first ghost town

Thank you for your visit!


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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