Usually I don’t reblog my posts…but I’ve made some changes about one or two photos…this place is really awesome and full of wonderful corners…

My footprints in the world - Pictures of the places I love

Near Latina, about 60 km from Rome by car, there is an authentic masterwork of botanic art: the Gardens of Ninfa, a private garden managed for decades by an ancient family. It’s opened just a couple of days a month from april to october for preserving the precious equilibrium of the flora. I had a lovely memory about it since I visited it as a kid…so I decided to visit it again on last sunday. it was an amazing sunny day (maybe a little too warm…) and my girlfriend, my camera and me (the magic triangle…) went to the Gardens of Ninfa. Once there, I realized how weak was my memory. It’s an astonishing explosion of colors, looks really a fairy place where brilliant colors, a mixture of adorable flower smells and the purest water bring you into another dimension. There is every kind of tree, even from exotic countries…

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