A little but nice lake with a touch of magic

I come from a sea city, Naples. People loving sea (and people born by the sea normally adore it) usually don’t like lakes so much. Actually I’ve loved some lakes too, not only the big ones we have in North Italy but also some little lakes, less famous and glamourous but equally capable to get astonished by colors and views. One the most precious to me is the Barrea Lake, an artificial lake in Abruzzo – central Italy  – where every summer my family used to have two or three morning, enjoying sun and having some baths (even though my mother was ready to remind me dangers about the eddies in a lake but she never could to stop me from a dip). Entering the village of Barrea by car, you can find a stunning view of the lake from the square (maybe the only one…) and it’s so inviting that you want to reach it and see the shore. Probably the village sited over the lake deserves a visit because, like almost every little village in this area, has its own atmosphere and charm. After that, spending two or three hours with a camera near the water would give a nice moment to the photographer. Besides, because artificial, the lake hasn’t always the same level of water…and this gives the lake a touch of surreal like a tree in the water…it’s been always a little funny to me.

Here are some shots of a morning of mine near the Barrea lake. Have a look, I hope you could enjoy them!


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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