A sample of divine beauty


Everyone has his own way to forget or fix a bad day. My way is taking my camera and going around for having a therapeutic photo session, looking for nice street scenes or a nice portrait. By the way, I’m not used to take photos of flowers but there is a place in Rome where it’s impossible to avoid taking the camera, getting down on your knees and taking lots of stunning pictures. Every time I go to the municipal rose garden, the first impression, even before entering, is a overwhelming mixture of flavours and smells. Just over the entrance, you can see a lot of people wandering among bushes of different colors. It looks something like that.



It is interesting to observe the behaviour of people among flowers. Most of the times they are just searching for a photo that could be a nice memory.



As I said, you can see photographers looking for the perfect position where shooting from and capturing some hidden details.


Of course, you can spend just a few minutes watching people because you’ll be soon captured by tens of astonishing kind of roses, coming from every corner of the Earth. We usually have an idea of what something looks like and the common image of the rose is probably the red one. And here you can find some excellent example of red roses.


Actually, I admit I was definitively impressed about how different can be a rose. Some kinds of roses have a nice mix of smell and color, other ones haven’t a great smell but a stunning nuance. Here are some shots of the nicest flowers of the municipal garden.







And now I’d like to show my favourite ones, flowers that I could watch for hours and feel instantly in peace even though the terrible things happening in the world. Here my best way to describe those roses.



Flowers are important as a uniquivocal sign of the greatness of the Creation. Unfortunately, I’m not a believer anymore but this beauty is doubtlessly a powerful sign of something we cannot see or understand, just accept and love, whatever hands it comes from.
Thank you for your visit, I hope you could like this piece of heaven in Rome.





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  1. Wow! Great photos! What a beautiful rose garden.

Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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