The fake snow: dream, delusion or reality?

While I was writing the title of this post, I’ve realized it could mean something dangerous. Ok, I’m not talking about drugs and cocaine…I’m just talking about a nice surprise I had during my my last bike ride. Along my usual itinerary there’s a nice and quiet area where you can stop, have a rest, enjoy the sun and visit one of the monuments sited in the Caffarella Park (that I’ve talked about in some post before): the grave of Annia Regilla, wife of Erode Attico. He lived in 140 P.C., well known as preceptor of some famous roman emperors like Marcus Aurelio or Lucio Vero (Actually, I guess Marcus Aurelio is much more notorious). The monument catches immediately your attention (even while biking!!) for its red colors that create a pleasant contrast with the blue sky and the green (absolutely stunning green of this days) grass.

Annia Regilla’s grave.

So I stopped and started a slow visit around the place, reading the explanations on the board. But around the corner something got my curiosity: some stuff, looking soft and white on the ground, was giving me the impression of freshly fallen snow. Ok, I was a little tired after an hour of bike but not so much to get delusional. Of course, I went closer.

Looks like snow, doesn’t it?
Still closer

So I’ve arrived in front of a red building, an old mill, now restored and open to people as a little museum showing the life and the techniques in a mill of the past.

The old mill

But my attention was still on this strange white stuff under my feet. The view was pretty surreal…

The tree in the “snow”

I got my iPad and had a quick search by Internet. Of course, it was much more obvious: the cotton-wool-looking stuff is a lot of seeds of the white poplars, spreading around by the wind. I had never seen something like that, all gathered in a a few points of the park. Very closed watched, it looked this way.

On my knees – I
On my knees – II

Smiling, I thought Nature is always capable of letting us astonished. I took my bike and came back home, thinking I’d never imagine to meet the snow on that amazing, shiny and warm spring day.

Thank you for your visit!

Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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