The charm of an old lady in the night

Living in Rome is less easy than you could imagine. Crowd, noise, traffic are just some of the problems. People look often crazy while driving a car and the public transport is not always a valid option. But nobody can deny that the eternal city has an its own fascination making “her” different from any other european city. Just like an old but still good-looking madam, Rome tells you her several pasts, from the epic history of dominion all over the known world to the religious identity and role of the last twenty centuries. You can gather pieces of her story just walking lazy in her crowded streets and often enjoying her lovable light of the morning, joy for every photographer. You can have a deserved rest in some beautiful parks. I definitely love these aspects of Rome. But probably her more powerful and atmospheres are in the night. Walking along the river Tevere and watching the reflections of the water gives you emotions like a few others city. Maybe Paris has something in common with Rome in the night. Some months ago I spent an evening, taking photos near the river and between the Castle of St. Angelo and St Peter, some of my favorite places in Rome. It was a kind of magic night, making me sure definitely worth living here. I hope you can enjoy my evening walk by my shots.

St. Angle Castle and its bridge from Vittorio Emanuele bridge
Castel St. Angelo reflecting in the water
Another bridge and St Peter church in the high right corner
Stunning view of the St Peter in the dark from St Angelo bridge
Front of Castle with one the statues on the sides of the bridge
another statue
statue on the top of the castle
Seller under the powerful protection of the statue
going toward St Peter square

In a so famous square, a moon like that one has looked to me as a deserved prize for the my night walk with tripod (an heavy one, I guarantee…) and camera hanging from my neck all the way…

what a wonderful moon has gone out among wise men and saints!
the four wise men…are the prophets? I confess I don’t know…

And going back home, my last adorable reflection…

magic walk under the moon

Thanks for your visit and I hope you enjoyed my photos!


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