Still sheep on my street!

Last weekend I had a ride on my MTB after one year and chose to go for a charming route: the Appia Antica. I decided to go through the Caffarella Park and then take the road towards the St Callisto graves, another suggestive site for tourists and not. I incurred in a sheep herd with a very interesting shepherd, so sure about his role!

sheep crossing the street
the shepherd master!
the shepherd master!
thirsty sheep!

Baby drinking!
with the mother

what an incredible show are the little lambs, running and hiding among the legs of the sheep!







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  1. wow, these are amazing shots! I love sheep, they are so cute!

  2. Isn’t it great when you come upon scenes like this…..and you have your camera!

    • Yes, Debra! It’s definitely like that! On the other hand, it’s terrible when you have decided to leave your camera at home! this time, I was around on my bike, the backbag wasn’t such a pleasant companion but this kind of scenes gives you the right compensation!

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