Parco della Caffarella: a saturday afternoon between country and town

On saturday, I had an amazing walk in one of my favourite places in Rome. The Capital is famous for being so green and has a lot of parks where people love to spend their time, especially in spring. But the Caffarella Park is different. It is a still wild place, when you can meet sheep herds or a sort of farm where kids stop and play with chicken and rabbits. And it’s incredibly in the middle of Rome.

Kids feeding chicken
sheep herd
a sheep seems watching me!
the shepherd leading his sheep

The most interesting point is the “Casale della Vaccareccia”, an ancient rural house that is going to be restored.

Casale della Villareccia
Casale della Vaccareccia
Fountain in front of the Casale of Vaccareccia
Fountain in front the Casale

And, step by step, you can find a lot of ancient roman ruins. For example, you can see the Ninfeo of Egeria, a sort of fountain where there is a headless statue of the god Almone, the river flowing in the valley of Caffarella.

Ninfeo of Egeria

Or you can find this astonishing roman cistern you can climb on and have a nice view of the roman country:

Roman cistern
People walking in the Park with the cistern in the high right corner

It’s easy to meet people running or biking as well, enjoying the silence, the pure and clean air, the stunning colors of the park.

Runner in the colors of Spring

Some views in this park stay in your heart even for days. An image like this one seems taken in tuscany but, I swear, it’s not far from building, cars and noise. Visit the Caffarella Valley…you won’t regret!

Make your eyes and your soul happy!

Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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