My three cornerstones

OK, the first post of a blog has always something terrible…you feel that the style of those first words will be the imprinting of everything you’re going to write in the future…but maybe for me it’s easier today. I’d like to start this blog, speaking of my three main periods of my life. And I’ve chosen three images, not particularly original but certainly iconic and impressed in my memories.

The first thought is about Naples, my birth city, whose streets I’d love to talk about here in the the next posts. Naples, this terrible, dramatic, sweet and substantially unique city. Some days you want to run away from its crowded roads, so sure how life can be easier in any other city. After, the distance has a continuous recall. Who’s from Naples is famous for a nostalgia taken inside, everywhere he goes.

My second thought goes to Milan, the city where I became a man: I left my family in Naples, started a new job in Milan and a new life as well, full of friends and revelations. Milan, the centre of the world, fashion, finance, news…or so you feel, living there. I’ve loved so much that city…Whem I left it, it wasn’t easy.

My final destination: Rome! This charming city, so full of history going out from every corner. Rome is home for me now…and it’s closer to Naples as well. So I can live more often Naples and meet my relatives and friends and, at the same time, have an exciting walk in the ancient world of emperors and roman soldiers!

I feel lucky every day more when I think I had the opportunity of living in these three important cities, visited by thousands of people every year…they have been and are the three cornerstones of my life.


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you liked my photos! But anyway, thank you for your visit!

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